Starlight Hosting is a young tech startup. We rely on technologies for our business like no other. We're clear and transparent about the technologies we use and embrace. Spreading the word is only just a part of giving back to the wonderful open source communities around the world.


Starlight Hosting is embracing python as the language of choice for our backend development projects. It allows us to quickly create new microservices and deploy them in a quick and easy way.



Neo4j is our database of choice to store our data. We’ve stepped away from the traditional tables and went all-in on our graph architecture. We adapted our data so it’s highly connected and creates insight in a way you never realized before. The way of storing data is way more efficient for our use-case. We’ve created our own query builder to provide our developers with easy tools to create the projects our customers’ desire.


As Starlight Hosting we embrace opensource. Nuxt.JS provides us with the tools to efficiently create a front-end that works great and is feature rich. We’ve built our own ecosystem of plugins to accelerate the development of applications using Nuxt.JS and our backend framework. We also financially contribute to the community as a thanks to all the developers working on the project.



Starlette is the framework we embraced to create our services. This minimalistic Python framework is used by us to easily create an API. We have made our own plugins and wrappers to make the development lifecycle shorter by letting the developers focus on the functionality they’re developing and let the framework take care of authentication, security and all the other scary stuff.


Starlight Hosting embraced the Jetbrains development environments from day 1. It makes the development of or services easier, faster and improves the quality. By using custom plugins to improve our workflow we can focus on the important parts. For us this solution just works.