Content Delivery Network

Starlight Hosting is a young tech startup. We rely on technologies for our business like no other. We're clear and transparent about the technologies we use and embrace. Spreading the word is only just a part of giving back to the wonderful open source communities around the world.

Using our Content Delivery Network, we provide easy access to your clients. Don’t leave them waiting for endless loading bars. The CDN caches your data close to your clients and leaves behind all the latency which would be there in a more conventional single location setup. By using blazing fast hardware and optimized software we can provide the service your clients deserve.

Our CDN can provide you with a near limitless amount of bandwidth, up to 60% less latency and up to 80% less load on your or our origin servers. This drastically reduces the expensive compute requirements and still gives the performance you need. The goal of the CDN is to speed up the client side whilst decreasing cost.


We can always provide a location close to any of your clients by using one of our 50+ edge locations. You’ll never have latency or availability issues ever again due to the caching technologies. By keeping the traffic away from your servers, we can reduce the cost of ownership of your web applications whilst keeping it as performant as it needs to be.

With our CDN solution you can secure your services more easily. Our CDN is protecting you by serving the client in SSL only. Next to this our CDN can catch DDOS attacks and mitigate them. No need to worry if a competitor wants to take your profits away or a hacker is out to get you.

All the services in the CDN are continuously monitored on availability, error rates, and more. We keep an eye on all metrics we collect for diagnostics. This means we can easily spot where the errors are and can take the according actions. Never needing to wake up to restart a server again.