Connected Data

Using the latest technologies, we try to provide new and interesting insights into your data. By changing the point of view onto your data, it enables you to reach interesting new conclusions.

For every assignment we select a subset of our tool library best fit for the job. We’re trying to keep the processing workflow as clean as possible to optimize for speed and use less resources to achieve the same goals.

We achieve our results by restructuring data in a way to where it’s easy to create relationships, correlate to other data, analyze clusters, and reporting in a dynamic way. Endless excel sheets are a thing from the past and we rely on new visualization techniques to achieve comprehension.



These are some of the tools to ingest, store, analyze and visualize your data


Neo4j is our choice to store data and the leader in Graph technology


Visualisations and Natural Language Processing right at your fingertips


We utilize several python extension to process and export your results

Flat file

Flat file is the most common way to get data from a lot of system such as CSV and JSON


Our databases can directly import data from your API endpoints for ease of use

Machine Learning

Using machine learning we can do anomaly detection to see any unintended behaviour